Why I Want To Serve


Do we feel safer today in Nigeria than we did 10 years ago? Our number one priority is keeping Nigeria and Nigerians secure.


My motto is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! Our young people needs jobs! Having created over 50,000 private sector jobs, I hope to bring this experience to serve Nigeria.


Education is key in the development of any nation. My experience building world class schools, from primary to university levels shows that we can do it here!

This campaign is about you

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It means every Nigerian deserve a better life. Where there is equality, where there is justice, where the life and property of people are safe. where our resource is being channelled into the proper places for the benefit of the masses. It means a Nigeria Where everyone have a sense of self-esteem and confidence in the future. #ANigeriaForAll
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Unity, education, peace, health, electricity, employment, industrializations, encouragement, solidarity and leadership; those are my dreams for this nation.
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I wish to be in a Nigeria where hard work is rewarded, where the good ones get the jobs and dedication is celebrated #ANigeria4All
Nne – @NancyEnuks - Twitter
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I want to see a Nigeria where there is punishment for crime. Where the laws are applied no matter who is involved. #ANigeriaForAll
Arinze Izukanne - @aizukanne- Twitter

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Atiku: A short history

The story of my life is one of a man who rose from very humble beginnings to one of the highest offices of the land. Yet in all that life has given to me, every success was achieved through great struggle – I have had to struggle against uncommon odds to get to where I am today.

I also know that my personal achievements in life are meaningless in a country where the vast majority of our people still struggle daily to meet their basic needs. There is, therefore, an urgent need to create a Nigeria of shared exertion and prosperity, a Nigeria where the majority of our people are fulfilled, happy and hopeful about the future.


Let’s make this happen, A Nigeria for all

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Today, Nigeria has been declared Ebola free by the WHO. This is a victory for all Nigerians who worked hard to contain the virus.

Many thanks to the Lagos and Rivers State Governments, and the FG, who worked hard to ensure the virus was contained.

Special thanks to Dr Ameyo Adadevoh and all the medical personnel, whose sacrifice ensured today's victory.

Ebola is still a global threat. We must not drop our guard, but remain vigilant, especially at ports of entry.
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Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku, Ambassador James Entwistle, AUN President Margee Ensign and Dr Pamela Schmoll, October 8 2014 www.flickr.com/photos/usembassynigeria/14934793024/ ... See MoreSee Less

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I have been informed of the announcement of a ceasefire between the Federal Government and Boko Haram insurgents. This news is welcome. It is also welcome that an agreement for the release of the Chibok girls has also been announced.

I will be cautiously monitoring these developments, but will continue to pray that the agreements hold, so the poor daughters of Chibok will be returned home, and peace can return to our communities.

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Primaries, the best form of consensus - Atiku responds to supporters

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has stated that democratic primaries in the All Progressives Congress is the best form of consensus for the party.

He made this remark in response to supporters on the social network, Twitter, who asked other candidates to step down to form a consensus.

According to his Twitter post, "this call for a consensus is not necessary, as our great party (APC) is committed to holding free & fair primaries. There is no better consensus than that agreed to by those who will mobilize for votes in the general elections - the Delegates".

Atiku has also recently stated that the party's candidates are ready to support whoever wins the party's primaries.
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The Articulations of Atiku's

Recent InterviewsSee the latest interviews of Atiku talking on delicate national issues affecting the country and the world at large