Why I Want To Serve


Do we feel safer today in Nigeria than we did 10 years ago? Our number one priority is keeping Nigeria and Nigerians secure.


My motto is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! Our young people needs jobs! Having created over 50,000 private sector jobs, I hope to bring this experience to serve Nigeria.


Education is key in the development of any nation. My experience building world class schools, from primary to university levels shows that we can do it here!

This campaign is about you

Zacchaeus Sumbo Adebayo – Facebook
I hope you’ll do better than the present administration. I wish you’ll touch the 3 major problems we’re facing in this country: curb corruption, unemployment among the youth and provide basic social amenities. Change is all we want, not promises.
Zacchaeus Sumbo Adebayo – Facebook
Esther Ogala - Facebook
It means every Nigerian deserve a better life. Where there is equality, where there is justice, where the life and property of people are safe. where our resource is being channelled into the proper places for the benefit of the masses. It means a Nigeria Where everyone have a sense of self-esteem and confidence in the future. #ANigeriaForAll
Esther Ogala - Facebook

Nne – @NancyEnuks - Twitter
I wish to be in a Nigeria where hard work is rewarded, where the good ones get the jobs and dedication is celebrated #ANigeria4All
Nne – @NancyEnuks - Twitter
Osifade Vantimi - @iam_vantimi – Twitter
My dream is to see #ANigeriaForAll where peace and justice shall reign, as in our national anthem!
Osifade Vantimi - @iam_vantimi – Twitter

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Atiku: A short history

The story of my life is one of a man who rose from very humble beginnings to one of the highest offices of the land. Yet in all that life has given to me, every success was achieved through great struggle – I have had to struggle against uncommon odds to get to where I am today.

I also know that my personal achievements in life are meaningless in a country where the vast majority of our people still struggle daily to meet their basic needs. There is, therefore, an urgent need to create a Nigeria of shared exertion and prosperity, a Nigeria where the majority of our people are fulfilled, happy and hopeful about the future.


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It's my pleasure to share with you the #ANigeriaForAll policy. I would love your feedback

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It's ready. When would you like to see it? #ANigeriaForAll ... See MoreSee Less

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Today, we are in Kebbi, speaking to delegates on our plans for agriculture. This is a major component of our jobs policy. #ANigeriaForAll ... See MoreSee Less

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The young people of Nigeria don't care about where their leader comes from. They care about finding jobs! That is the issue. #ANigeriaForAll ... See MoreSee Less

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NASS siege: Jonathan poses threat to democracy - Atiku

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has slammed the crude methods the Jonathan administration is using to harass and humiliate perceived political enemies.

Reacting to the incident at the National Assembly on Thursday when heavily armed security operatives prevented Speaker Aminu Tambuwal from gaining access to the House to preside over the deliberation on the extension of emergency rule in the North-East, the former Vice President said in a statement by his media office that the “siege mentality” of the Jonathan administration poses grave threats to Nigeria’s democracy, the rule of law and the separation of powers as enshrined in the 1999 constitution as amended.

"Obviously, the emergency rule has failed to stem the unrest. The Federal Government must work with, rather than against those who understand and have been elected by the people to govern," Atiku counselled.

According to Atiku, this crude display of power by the President and his agents portends ominous signals for the future of our democracy, which is not a surprise as President Jonathan did not participate in the costly struggle that brought our present democracy into being.

He said the behaviour of the PDP-led government towards Tambuwal was not decent and acceptable under a president that has committed himself to uphold the rule of law. "This crisis highlights the absolute failure of the current PDP's idea of government: arrogant, indifferent and incompetent," Atiku asserted.

The former Vice President regretted that abuse of power by using state agents to harass, intimidate and humiliate perceived opponents by the President was not only capable of heating the polity on frightening scale, but also carried the risks of polarizing and politicizing security operatives in the country.

He reminded the President that he was elected to uphold the Constitution of the country, and not to use power arbitrarily against political opponents.

The former Vice President advised President Jonathan to practice what he preaches by not heating up the polity, an accusation he always directs at opposition politicians.

"What is happening at the National Assembly taken together with what unfolded today (Thursday) at the Ekiti House of Assembly is totally strange. It is not the democracy we fought for; for which many of our compatriots paid for with their lives. These free-riders should not be allowed to destroy what others built with their sweat and blood.

"It is not too late, however, for President Jonathan to pull the plug on these assaults to our democracy because it is inconceivable that the show of shame at the National Assembly is what he wanted as a birthday present," Atiku said.


Atiku Media Office
61 Ebitu Ukiwe Street
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