Win a full scholarship for your #EducationSolutions

Win a full scholarship for your #EducationSolutions

 By Atiku Abubakar

My name is Atiku Abubakar. I wouldn’t be who I am today without education.

I have always talked about how I attended school very much against the wish of my late father. My dad was actually sent to prison for barring his son from access to education. As my biography makes clear, I only started attending school after the authorities put my father in jail. Amazingly, this poor boy who could have missed the chance of an education grew to occupy one of the highest offices of the land. This is the power of education; it holds the potential to transform lives by liberating human beings from poverty, ignorance and disease.

Because of this personal example, all my life I have aspired to, working with fellow countrymen and women, create and expand access to education for every child in the land. More than twenty years ago, long before I became Vice President, with the able support of my wife, I started my first school, a kindergarten/primary school. In the time since then the venture has expanded to university level, providing world-class education to multitudes of young persons – many of whom are indigent students who get generous concessions and scholarships, because of my firm belief that poverty should never be allowed to stand in the way of a great education.

But in all of this I have remained dissatisfied. I have always felt that I could do more, that Nigeria could do more, for the proper education of our young people. And then I recently got active on social media, an experience that instantly made me wish I had done this much earlier. The very insightful conversations I regularly have on the platforms have demonstrated to me that the solutions to Nigeria’s education problems are best known by the users of the system, our young people; the ones currently bearing the brunt of the failings.

Over the last 10 years, I have contributed a small fortune in scholarships, through yearly endowments. This year, I intend to continue that tradition, but with a small twist: I would like to combine that traditional scholarship award with an opportunity to let young Nigerians develop their ideas about how to save Nigeria’s education system.

So, this year, one full scholarship, tenable in a Nigerian or foreign institution, will be going to the winner of a competitive process – an essay contest.

There will also be consolation prizes.

My office has helped to put together a formal process for applying for the scholarship.

I sincerely hope this competition will spark interest among the most important stakeholders in our nation’s schools, Nigeria’s passionate and thoughtful young people.

I encourage you to please spread the word.

And may the best woman or man win.

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  • Ahmed says

    That great we r lokin forword to u sir

    • Kayode Olabode says

      Am scribe of PDP and from Ilesa we like to meet you i have an NGO call NIGERIA YOUTH FOR CREDIBLE LEADERSHIP I WOULD LIKE YOU TO BE OUR GRAND PATRON sir. Regards 08038999233

    • Onyeazolam paul onyeazolam says

      Education makes way for man.

  • bg says

    Clap for the man who has gotten to where us us not by hard work and education, but by bring one of the corrupt looters of Nigeria!!! Mr Atiku you are truly a philanderer!!!

    • Brilliant Observer says

      BG,(August 7, 2013 at 10:42 am)
      What is the connection between corruption and philandering? Do you even know the meaning of “philanderer”?
      Read Aliyu Alhaji Yusuf’s comment (August 7, 2013 at 12:12 pm) and gain insight.
      Here it is:
      “Though you have your many other sins committed either in error or international, if you have so chosen to redeem your good image through this wonderful and laudable effort of assisting the less privileged…”
      Atiku might have made his mistakes, but how many Nigerian leaders want to correct their mistakes? How many of them care about Education? Appreciate Atiku now, for we don’t know when his likes will emerge again. Thank you, Atiku.

    • Muhammad Usman says

      @bg on! u missd d rd. on ds 1. Hokkumo million is bynd ur imgntn philanthropically & othrws. Atiku A. 4get abt hs lyk trms.

  • Caroline says

    This is great, But how do we get out writeups across to you and is #EducationSolutions the topic?

    • Informer says

      Caroline, I don’t think you read the Scholarship Page.
      Click on the Scholarship Tab at the top of this page and you will find this info:

      TOPIC: More Learning to More People: How can Nigeria be more innovative in bridging its literacy and skills gap?

      TO BE SENT TO :

      Other instructions about the scholarship application can be found in the scholarship page. Good luck.

  • Adeosun ismail says

    Almighty ALLAH will make it easy sir…
    I wish u to have a long life to continue this good work…EDUCATION Solution for illiteracy

    • Bashiru Abdulkarim says

      Sai Turaki Adamawa long life to continue this good work .. Education solution.

    • katsina girl says


  • Kingsley Kalu says

    @atiku, Sir, your thoughts, hopes and dreams have never left me without knowing that you truly have what it needs to steer this great nation to the right direction! Keep it up Sir, I’m inpired!!

  • Amin s fulani says

    I’m not a fan of Atiku Abubakar, but, Am inspired by the great job you are doing in the area of Education. Because Education is what made you what you are !

  • Abdulrahman Muhammad Abdulrahman says

    It’s a nice development indeed. But, I pray I win. Thank you Alhaji Atiku, I’ve learned alot through your brief biography.

  • Agbonsuremi peace says

    This is realy nyc..Good 2 knw u ar concerned about nigeria education..thanks nd may GOD bless u

  • Kudos sir for this golden opportunity…hope to see more of this .

  • alahji usman aliyu says

    salam ,

    o! patriotic nigerian keep it up, with ur good works and inspirations,
    Allah khayr inshallah

  • Bello Sani Gimi says

    You have always been a pillar and a hope for the hopeless.

  • AMINU says


  • Ibrahim muhammad emirokpa says

    I’m. interested for your programme sir…. may Allah guide you and safed guide…. iam from niger state having nce certificated in education …… my father and mother dead 1994 since then some problems started caming into my way…. up to dated. I have no job to do to earn my leaving..hope sir you can come my aid.. thank you sir!!!!! h h h

  • John isah says

    Sir, I most say you are the best God have giving to this part of the world and to this generation, giving to the poor and the less privilege. You have giving more than what you have got from the Society. The LORD bless you and keep you.

  • Aliyu Alhaji Yusuf says

    Though you have your many other sins committed either in error or international, if you have so chosen to redeem your good image through this wonderful and laudable effort of assisting the less privilege, so be it and may Almighty Allah see you through and reward you accordingly. My hope however, is that the process of selecting the winners should be open and transparent. Wish you all the best and Allah’s guidance in your endeavour. Long live Nigerian’s next President.

  • Setdwa Sukai says

    Nice one Boss!

  • muhammed Ahmed Chull says

    we ar actually impress by your effort may god continue to lift you high 2015 saikayi in allah ya yardas

  • umar ibrahim m. says

    A leader with good vision, mission and agenda. Allah will surely reward you.

  • Abdul-Aziz Bakare says

    Once again, Turaki has taken the lead. Thank you very much sir for being one of the very few quintessential oasis in the vast desert of decadence. May Allah replenish your purse and bless you abundantly. Aameen

  • Abdulkareem Sabo Abdullahi says

    Sir, i really appreciate this your project sir , may be we the less privillage will benefits from it so that we can fulfill our dreams. wish you all the best sir

  • Paul Ibe says

    It should be pretty clear to doubting Thomases by now that your passion for education is real and deep. That you do not consider it as a hundred meters dash but a marathon. That you are involved in the development of education in our dear country because of your experiences and conviction that education is the most important element in our march towards socio-economic development. Kudos for matching your resources with your conviction. May the Almighty continue to do for you what you cannot do for yourself to His glory and the betterment of Nigerians especially its youth and our nation in general!

  • zakari says

    But sir,we youth are very disappoint by you.when u’r in power nothing like this…

  • Abubakar Audu says

    May god help you,what you need in your life
    This is great contribution to our nation

  • Good to hear that from you sir,thank you for the empowerment…

  • Good to hear that from you sir,thank you…

  • Philip JIngau Ayuba says

    Hopr to recieve the details shortly!

  • Eni Oko says

    Waoooooooooo……mouth watering stuff. Remain blessed!

  • kenneth Beregha says

    Though I am not qualified for this, I must single you out for praise on this initiative. Please find a platform where we can also contribute to the subject of this essay without being part of the competition. I just responded to an article in the punch which tackled the ASUU strike.

  • Mesele Josh says

    What an inspiring speach from an uincommon leader. May God bless your dreams for your father land Nigeria. We should always be counted with those that shares our values

  • Jossy Momah says

    I hope the most inspired mind wins….bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umar (Strategy) Bala Hassan says

    KUDOS! Turaki….I’d love to emulate this good deed of your’s.
    Allah ya taimaka, ameen

  • salihu alhassan says

    i pray that these is not political talk our future president.Allah ya kareka

  • Usman Aliyu says

    This is may answer to the question on the solutions to Nigeria’s education problems which vested on youth knows in the system, recently ASUU is in the brant of the failings? Answer> Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others but may also be autodidactic. Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. The process of being educated formally especially education constituting a planned series of courses over a number of years. The process of making inportant organisational decision including the identification of different alternatives and such as program or spending priorities and choosing among them on the basis of the impact they well have. Preschool> preschool education: The term preschool refers to a school for children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten. It is a nursery school. The rule of government. A right to education has been created and recognized by some jurisdictions since 1952, Article 2 of the first protocol to European Convention on Human Right obliges all signatory parties to guarantee the right to education. It does not however guarantee any particular level of education of any particular quality. Type of education. ” There are three forms of learning defined by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): Formal education, Informal education and Non-Formal education. Educational institutions may incorporate Fine arts as part of grade curricula or within majors at colleges and universities as electives. The various types of fine arts are music, dance and theater. The true purpose behind kindergarten is ” to provide a child-centered, preschool curriculum for three to seven years old children that aimed at unfolding the

  • Arthur shea bakare says

    That’s beautiful….at least it will spring up our mind for continous strive for ‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ increase rank of our educational level in nigeria…

  • sir,may your days be long to fulfilled your dreams to your nation NIGERIA.Giving is better than recieving. Our prayer and hope 2015. For good leadership with pratical exemple sir.

  • GODWIN says

    May U̶̲̥̅̊ liv to see ur children children Amen if orther men are doing wat U̶̲̥̅̊ are doing Nigeria will b a beter place for every citizen to liv may allah Bless U̶̲̥̅̊

    • ahmad arabi abulfathi says

      i am glad to see some one has interest in improving our education in nigeria which is the major key to any development in the world.

  • Brilliant Observer says

    BG,(August 7, 2013 at 10:42 am)
    What is the connection between corruption and philandering? Do you even know the meaning of “philanderer”?

    Read Aliyu Alhaji Yusuf’s comment (August 7, 2013 at 12:12 pm) and gain insight.
    Here it is:
    “Though you have your many other sins committed either in error or international, if you have so chosen to redeem your good image through this wonderful and laudable effort of assisting the less privileged…”

    Atiku might have made his mistakes, but how many Nigerian leaders want to correct their mistakes? How many of them care about Education? Appreciate Atiku now, for we don’t know when his likes will emerge again. Thank you, Atiku.

  • I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else encountering problems with your website. It appears like some of the text on your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
    Thank you

  • chris says

    ⌣̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̶̭̌⌣. Sire, Much Love from Nigerians.. Holla @DonJazzy

  • Dat kind of u sir

  • hussaini khalil maaji says

    Thank u sir u always fine a way to help us we are greatful may Allah bless u with more

  • olubiyi olufemi A says

    May God continue to prosper you sir.

  • Onajite Oniarah says

    I av alway luv $ respect dis man(atiku) since he was d vice president. He is an incredible leader. May God bless Ʊ for dis inovation. I †Φ be partaker.

  • Collins Hardy says

    this is wonderful good work keep it up. wher is your office in port Harcourt.

  • hacyner says

    Mashaa Allah, may the almighty Allah purify your intention, help and guide you on the right path to do more and better. You have all the support and prayers of the great Nigerian youth.

  • Bright Ameadaji says

    Your excellency good day sir, My name is bright ameadaji, am from kogi state, am an igala by tribe, This 2015 election is yours, you are going to win, i know with the dream you have for this country nigeria, once you get to the presidential sit 2015 this country will be transform to next levels, i here by declare you winner as our new president in 2015, but pleases sir, becareful, know the type of people you mingle with, some of them doesn’t want you to come to that sit, please sir, watch your side. Thank sir.

  • mustafa nuhu says

    Good bless you sir you are truly a leder and my prayers is for God almighty continue to keep you alive.i have since i was a kid in kaduna malali G.R.A since from then you have been my rule model Good bless and your family sir i hop you remember mouhamdou bajidka ahidjo the son of late precident of cameroon ahmadou ahidjo.

  • saadatu yusuf hamza says

    It’s a nice development indeed. But, I pray I win. Thank you Alhaji Atiku, I’ve learned alot through your brief biography

  • judith says

    Kudos to U Sir, may Allah continue to strengthen U.

  • Asiya usman faruk says

    That is a very idea may Allah help us together bcoz today in Nigerian university u can find out dat a 400l student could not be able to identify his reason for being in university ,some could nt even knw their matriculation numbers nd even to do common spellings during lectures nd may oda factors which is all due to our non challant attitude towards education in our country

  • Musa Uba Idris says

    Sir, no matter what people said about u, we are really proud of u! Back-biting & insult are sign of one’s progress. By doing dis, may Allah help u in fulfilling ur mission!

  • sarki.M says

    Very good of you sir,i hope you will extend the genourosity to the children of down troden who can not afford to send their children to universities ABTI American university inclusive by aiding them financially to acquire a quality education any where in the world.keep it up and may Allah reward your initiative.

  • Charles Amaeze says

    If you are doing it in fairness, may the Almighty GOD continue to bless you.
    A man gets to a particular position today, not by hard work, skill, or experience. Time and chance happen to them all, which means, by the grace of the Almighty GOD.
    In all, you are a wonderful person, in spite of all the critics. One really need to get close to you before they pass their judgment.

  • Rufa'i Mukhtar Danmaje says

    We are praying for the sustainability of this project and we are hoping for expension to the level of community base organisations . through you can get the real and achieve the right target . we are praying for Allah guidance and support .

  • promise says

    thak you sir for the opportuity but y can’t he make it the first 3 to win a full scholarship i think that will be so great, and he can

  • Kayode O says

    Sir, can students overseas benefit from this scholarship too?

  • Barr.Suleman Abubakar Galadiman Gwagwa, Abuja. says

    Inspiring and thoughtful initiative for youth empowerment. God bless you and gives you more wisdom to take the youths out of Nigerian elitist modern day slavery. Proud to be associated with you Sir.

  • wadata dokta says

    as a poor what would you like to hear is good news’ since i finish my ssce eford have been made to forward my edu’ but as an ophan no way.but to hearing this i’m so excited leave word.sir’ may God extend ur hand and ur scholarship program to reach me

  • God bless you sir. You have been my oga from Customs through Mid Atlantic Capital/ Hutsville Savings and you continue to be an inspiration. I could not join the political wagon because the Nigerian political system irritates me.
    I will love to align with you on this EducationSolutions and will gladly contribute my quota. We have a globally accepted project on teaching and learning Mathematics which your organisation can use nationwide. Contact me at LOUIS MARTINS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING LTD ( for details.

  • chima austine says

    How can ℓ̊​ apply,no colume 4 application

  • This is great,may Allah reward you back 4 all ur good deed sir

  • Win a full scholarship for your #EducationSolutions

  • Ijeoma S E says

    Your Excellency Sir, I want to thank you for the scholarship opportunity in AUN that is provided for needy students. It helped me exceedingly and I know a lot of people who are eternally grateful for the scholarship given to them at the American University of Nigeria Yola. Interestingly, I just found out about this particular scholarship so I want to know if it will be made available next year because I will be in graduate school by next year God willing. Thank you for founding AUN, it has changed my life immeasurably. God bless you sir.

  • seaman ogbaji says

    Thank u for ur relentless efforts to see to the quality education of the Nigerian children, youths n adults inclusive.

  • I love that which you have brought, but i hope this has nothing to do with politics THANKS. By ATIKU ABUBAKAR.



  • IUA says

    U r truely a Visionary Leader, a leader wit Mission and Vission, a true democrat, a leader with Mases at Heart, a transformer above all a Father. We are solidely behind U and we remaain Loyal Sir.

  • Ndubuisi Nnanna says

    I think this is a worthy initiative and I hope you will be inspired to add your esteemed voice to the current struggle to encourage a greater budgetary commitment to education by the Nigerian government. God guide you.

  • fidel babybillionaire says

    Sir,i must commend you for such a laudable program and vision for Nigerian youths.i am not a praise singer,but wat is good is good and must be encouraged,but sir it would have been much better if this essay competition was to be held is states across the country specifically education least developed states and states with very high levels of poverty so that the poor or disadvantaged people can really have access to it.many poor people dont have access to a computer and this process might be a little difficult.i would suggest you make it written test in specific centers across the country such that it could reach the a youth activist and a student myself and having worked with and still working with so many youths i think i have an idea of what am saying.anyway its a mere suggestion and my view,u might have something better.kudos to you and your team.

  • Nafiu Bello Basakkwace says

    Sir since u have believes that leading people is responsibity not perk.we youth need party thank god we have one PDM but we know you are a real member of PDP but nevertheless we need your support and mandate.FROM YOUTH ENLIGHTMENT FORUM NORTH WEST ZONE.08061666468,08036926648

  • nathan-mbakara JOHN says

    your position as an elder stateman in this country is just the beginning Sir. More grease to your joints.

  • Salam sir i am young player i need play Nigeria U17 help me sir

  • Ubong David Akai says

    Whether it is done to garner support for 2015 or not, I at least must say that this is a laudable effort. Good One ur Excellency!

  • kabir kola balogun says

    Salam sir. My name is kabir kola-balogun son of late chief ghani kola-balogun The mayegun of ibadanland) haven’t heard so many thing about you from my late dad particularly on your relationship together in politics in the early 80s..sir shouldnt be saying stuffs here thou, but after trying to see your excellency while in office but all effort prove abbortive. Sir will appreciate your audience sir before leaving the country…my mobile Sir 0809853828… Looking forward to hear from u sir. Remain bless

  • Darlington Ufondu says

    Is Atiku campaigning or what

  • Akeem says

    I hope this is not another story of ” I didnt wear shoes when I was growing up” that landed us in this trouble that we are as a nation. If your effort is from a noble heart, Allah will reward you but if it is another gimmick to deceive Nigerians in preparation for 2015, you shall also get the reward the other way round. We are waiting.

  • Richard Jesse says

    See you in ASOROCK 2015. Good job sir, keep it up
    From Richard jesse of Adamawa @ Ekiti state, Nigeria

  • What’s the question please. Want try my luck here.

  • Ms says

    Is a very good idea Sir we rily appreciat ur effort towards our nation as whole, we believe u want to take nigeria to where nigerians never expect it to be so soon is just like the Man with red cap how he keep himself restless untill he has been elected as a gorvn again so that he can change his state into what it’s now,if u go to his state you ‘ll surely agree with me,assuming the man with that same ambition and couldn’t get d chance fulfild his dream SURELY THAT MAN CANNOT SLEEP but God ‘ll surely answer our prayer one day and God ‘ll make you the president of nigeria for u to be able to achieve your goals for nigerians. thank you Atiku.

  • Kenneth kelvin Orji says

    With due respect sir This is my answer to the question.. How can Nigeria education be saved?…before I delve further,I’ll like to talk on some various fact,which may likely be the importance of education which you have laid great emphasis or reasons for the problems facing Nigeria’s education and recommendation towards this issues.. As its been long said you can never solve a problem with out identifying that you have a problem..
    Indeed nigeria do have several problems in educational sector, the unparalleled misshapes taking place in our country focused in our educational area, this may be seen as little Changes or event occurring in our society but to a large extent has lead to a frustrated youth,the ongoing ASUU strike is quite trivial to what I speak my resent research I discover that in 1997 and 2000 statistics show that federal government expenditure on education was below 10% of overall expenditure only up to this present year where the incumbent government allocated an undisclosed billon of Naira to our educational sector..from what You have said so far, sir.. I think you have made a high elaboration of how important education is to the people of Nigeria and also how it turned to be a back bone to your career up-till date, so if the government share the same ideology as you do,why can’t they spend more on education only with the hope that the citizens of nigeria who Patronize this opportunity can turn out to achieve 1/10th of what you have achieved . It is so glaring that situation nigeria finds herself, coupled with the unfavorable misshapes frustrated those who need to be educated from seeing the importance of education,the lack of jobs after graduation had probably dissatisfied a lot of youth from building a career with education, to an extent most people patronize schools abroad to schooling in our beloved country, only to leave and never return back home..the extent at which our system has been badly dilapidated can not be expressed with words rather it can be fathom when we share the ideology that potential Nigeria’s are been wasted each day the government fail to take what is important into account..

    Without laying accusing fingers on Nigeria’s political system which should be held accountable in areas such as Malicious level of corruption lingering in the nation,I think a way forward will be..

    Good leadership : the presence of a leader who has a clear perspective towards the importance of education makes for the goal of reshaping the educations system better, he or she would be a role model to be looked up to.. “But sorry to say” most of the role models we have in nigeria never disclose their educational background to the society only weeks before being appointed to office

    Provision of adequate Facilities that encourage education… The lack of facilities has been a major issues which had driven most parent to send the children abroad for studies..

    The government should Create a visible career that is encouraging to students to motivate them towards education…provision of job and many more..

    Proper accountability for funds allocated for educational project..

    Since our emphasis lies on delivering highly educated nation,the private university’s shouldn’t be out of the picture as they also make part of it.. Private universities should be monitored in areas such as availability of needed facilities,
    level of lecturing service rendered
    Experience of lecturer and also the practicality of what is been thought in class room been applicable in the outside world.
    Also the use of good lecturer with high class degree goes along way in the level of knowledge delivery made to each student in class room..

    Most lecturers and students are still ignorant to the exposure or the advancement of what technology has to offer to our generation .
    Students and mostly lecturer shouldn’t be mentally equilibrium but should be abreast with the new advancement in technology.. it shows a high level of ignorance when most lecturer still stick to the old way of doing things or providers technical solutions to problems

    Parent counseling … to most parents the beauty of most profession compel parents to choose career for their children… To an extent students should be encourage and educated in there chosen area, in a broader view diversity such as having various people in different areas who are well educated make the nation more competent…with great enthusiasm.. I hope my ideas a valuable..

  • Truth says

    Lol funny how u guys are blind enough about what’s happening and indeed without any choice of yours supporting him. Have you considered asking yourselves y now of all time he is bringing forward this yet another political propaganda to most of you who is weak hearted, lol I have already seen some people calling him the next president just for what, so called scholarship. My people I laff you all for being so weak hearted and giving trust easy for just little generosity compared o the looting and suffering he has caused to our people. Believe me its nothing.

  • owolabi tobiloba ezekiel says

    what a pity am still waiting for my admission letter

  • Rahaman Qudus Babatunde Olafimihan says

    Top of the mrng sir,
    Rahaman Qudus Babatunde is my Name Chairman of Best Intellectual Group Located In Nigeria..We carried the following functions
    Cleaning of Environment and
    Also Assisting Students on their Education Carrier..Because their are a lot of children and youth around the area willing and ready to learned but can not afford due to one circumstances and the other..So we a set of Intellectual Group and come together to form this Forum by Assisting them, and also Bring Some Medical Doctors to the environment for free medical treatment for Youth and Old One and also the cleaning of the Environment..So We want you to be our Sponsor and also our Grant Patron and will be glad you did..Thanks and May Allah (S.W.T.) in his infinity continue to guide and protect you in everything…..for more contact.. you can contact us on, 08123899464, 08032158540

  • Chibunna says

    I want to appreciate the former Vice President for this laudable initiative. You have consistently shown that you are a true patriot.

  • Abdulwaheed D Folorunso says

    Sir, i appreciate your concern about the education of our citizen, if children are educated you build the nation,please i will like to know the pre-requisite for a post-graduate scholarship, and the requirement for under-graduate scholarship, thank you sir more power to your elbow

  • Esoro Nduka Michael says

    Good to hear that scholarship is open to all…but there is a social stratification in the Nigeria economy that should be fully considered…
    1. the drop out
    2. the adult education.
    3. the almageries

    The above social strater in our economy is really lacking behind and i think(know) the right way to turn should be the above mentioned…

  • Nathan Fola says

    This seems like a very good opportunity for students. However, a more general approach would have been better. Millions of students have abandoned their education because of their financial limitations. I only wish more influencial people like Atiku would stand up against illiteracy in our country… maybe the problem would be solved. Now some people will say all sorts about Atiku being a bad leader and all… please do not discourage those who might benefit from this opportunity. Let the young ones grow. Your time is up. It is time for the new generation to live. Let your past misunderstandings remain in d past.


      DEAR SIR,


      +971566743 , +2348162998304

      • Gud day sir am by name benita salihu chori i graduated frm secondary school since 2011 no admission i need help from u if u can also grant me a scholarship thanks.

  • me says

    you had the power to change the education system when you were VP!!!.

  • Allah yasaka da alkairi, Allah kuma ya nuna mana lokacin da zakazo ka mulki Nigeria…

  • i think this is a great idea on how to develope a better tomorrow and may God help you in what ever you lay your hands on…amin….kodus to you sir

  • vickson victor says

    what more can we say than to say a big thanks that you are giving to the millions of Nigerian prayer is that God touches the heart of other well placed Nigerians like you to follow this path of giving back to Nigeria as a Nation

  • joshua says

    thats good…..your plans for nigeria student will help to improve education in this country at large
    we are also looking forward to you sir for your support

  • good of you sir i know your reward is in heaven goodos to you sir once more

  • ARIYO A says


  • Sir! Its a good initiative, we appreciate you for that. Their is mor than just giving scholarships its encourage creativity and innovationsn, what most youth need is a platform and for our leaders to believe in us.” How to save Nigeria’s Education is simple. Children of every office holder in Nigeria from Presinent to Councilors must attend Nigerian schools and institutions”

  • Perkins Tunde says

    Tank you sir for givin the nigerian youths this great priviledge…..How do one apply?

  • Makendonso Apollos Njidda says

    What more can we say, may God bless you and keep you.
    May He lift up His contenance upon you, and give you peace.
    Thank you Our Turaki.

  • Abdoulkareem eLdaheer says

    Sir. Alhaji Atiku Abkr Turakin Adamawa..
    Am pleased with your kind heart, and endeavoring plans of helping the less privilege . I must say i am overwhelm with your way of doing things,
    especially the part of helping young people in the pursuit of qualitative education…
    Sir. Is their a way the number of scholarship can be increased, tenable on this essay competition.
    Sir. Please let it be open because we put our very best in it.
    Thank you Sir. Turakin Adamawa, more grease and power to your elbow…

  • Aa'isha Boyi Mahuta says

    Is there only one spot, Sir? I have more than a sibling who would benefit from this as am positive they would all make it InShaa’Allah if purely on merit. :)

  • Frank Fagbo says

    A step in the right Direction………….kudos

  • Ridwan Issa says

    I’ve entered for the essay competition willing to claim the prize

  • Charles ebi says

    May your good will be achieved as you work relentlessly for others

  • what a good man indeed

  • Anne says

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  • akinmolafe festus says

    When it good to say many leader as say more than that when dey get what they want they will forget us may GOD help you

  • sir. I’ve entered for the schoolarship. asay writing comepetition contest willing to claim the prise.

  • Briggs says

    Please Sir, When are we to expect the annoucement of your essay winners?

  • kemi says

    Please time is running out for some of us. we need the result of the scholarship. Please give us a date. Thank you.

  • Modeline says

    I have applied for this scholarship and is eagerly awaiting the results as the fate of my education hangs in the balance. Please can we get the results soon, sir?

  • Name (required) says

    We hope this is going to be real. May Allah make it easy for you and us all amin

    • Kabiru sani says

      The name is kabiru sani muhammadu

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