At Easter, we must imbibe the spirit of love, wherever we may come from

At Easter, we must imbibe the spirit of love, wherever we may come from

As we celebrate the Christian season of Easter, I would love to enjoin Christians, and indeed all Nigerians, to internalise the spiritual gains and benefits of the season for an improved society. This is the only path to enthroning a Nigeria where the basic human rights of the rich and poor are respected and upheld, and where citizens can dwell in peace and safety.

We need to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and, above all, make sacrifice an integral part of our existence. That is the only way the sacrifice and life’s lessons of Jesus Christ will make meaning in our own daily lives and the life of our nation.

The message of Easter is love. Unconditional love for each other, not as people from different tribes or places of birth, not as Christians or Muslims, but as members of a commonwealth of humanity. We must love each other as Nigerians first.

The ongoing security challenges in our country are saddening, but they also provide an opportunity for us to come out as one people and one nation, to stand together against any persons or forces, which may seek to divide us.

As Nigerians, we must continue to contribute our quota to national security, by reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

Until we begin to care for one another and to realise that every single human life is precious in the eyes of God, Nigeria will never actualise its destiny as a great nation capable of playing a leading role in the world.

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9 Comments on "At Easter, we must imbibe the spirit of love, wherever we may come from"

  • Mats says

    True talk

  • Geeko says

    #NigeriaFirst – All religions preach humanity.

  • sani yusuf gobir says

    To all we know is Northern political leaders and Elites you sold out the Dignity and Pristage of our once powerful North by collabroting with Obasanjo and co. To produce the Government in place. The type of Government that vent on killing its populace just to achieve political motives…

  • samuel says

    sir good day,
    we are young vibrant organization located in the south west Geo-political zone that so much believes in your dream and also believe that one day you will lead this country to its promise land.because your style of leadership is quit different.
    the name of our organization is called THE YOUTH PIVOT
    we will be very glad if we can join our little strength with you in building a better Nigeria.the strength of our team is that we do rotate our meeting from campus to campuses.
    our contact are ;08022422924,08131501402.
    we wait for your humble response because our YES is always our YES

  • sirOscie says


  • Alex Kay says

    Aligning with apc makes you to look like political opportunitist. You and yaradua snr build PDM. You have to go back to bases to build your political structure like your mentor to rebuild nigeria. Until you do that the presidency will become elusive
    Goodluck Sir as you pursue your presidential ambition


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