In a race against time

In a race against time

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With #BringBackOurGirls we have come to a turning point in our contest against terrorism in Nigeria. It is a critical moment for us; the war will not be won without us winning this battle. In short if one is not part of the solution, they become part of the problem.

And at a moment like this we can no longer afford anything but a united commitment to stamping out a great evil that threatens the very existence of the only place we call home.

On social media I have been amazed by the outpouring of solidarity from within and outside Nigeria. While on the one hand it is sad to see Nigeria in the news for its inability to protect its most vulnerable citizens, it is also clear that in the age of social media no concerns or problems are local.

It is in light of this that I welcome the offer of military support from the United States, United Kingdom, France and others, and the acceptance by the Nigerian government. While I believe that we waited too long to get to this point of admitting our need for external help, I will also insist that it’s better late than never.

While I have had and continue to have major policy differences with the government on Abuja and its leadership, as a nation we must remain united.

We must make it clear that under no circumstances should any person, group of persons, or organization ever be permitted to prey on the children of Nigeria, or any other country.

We must make it easy for everyone who has information about this crime against humanity to contact the authorities at once.

We must make it easy for the innocent population of the affected areas to see the Nigerian military and authorities as friends, not enemies.

We must make it easy for our soldiers to be loyal and committed to this great and difficult task ahead of them.

We must make it easy for the world to see Nigeria as a country that cares for all its citizens, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnic group or economic class.

We must remember the people most affected, trapped on the frontlines of the battle. They need support, relief and rehabilitation.

We must remember they will need help when the are returned home to their families and their loved ones.

And we must make it difficult for anyone to play politics with this crisis. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth the bloodshed and the destruction we have come to associate with this campaign of terror. Not party affiliations, not the 2015 elections.

We are in a race against time. For every day we delay our response, or allow ourselves to be caught up in needless bickering, we hand victory over to the forces of darkness and despair, like Boko Haram.

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28 Comments on "In a race against time"

  • Sabiu Zaranda says

    Well said but the citizen have been doing there is best, Its the authortiy that are not willing to help and bring the issue of insurgent to an end. This is well know to every one not to mention a person like you sir.

  • Bello Gimi says

    yes turaki your talking more of a nationalist.

  • edonbee says

    Very go write up. Nigeria is our “let’s make it easy” .

  • tunde says

    Really, I like ur write up on d issue of d kidnapped girls but I am still very angry wit people like u who have held political offices in d past n d country is still whr it is. When r we going to get their? When a year old boy knows when to call NEPA. God will judge u all dat have put d nation whr it is.

  • Ndanusa, mohammed manzuma says

    A charismatic leader, keep it up

  • sirOscie says

    Thank sir for this, You and your family’s concern for the young girls kidnapped in Borno has not gone unnoticed. Is really time to be united as one to kick this disease called BOKO HARAM out of our one and only country Nigeria. Long live Turakin Nigeria. God heal our land. #BringBackOurGirls

  • Kamkis says

    Do you think al-Qaida will not interven too? For there terrorist friend?

  • thank you very much sir, and may GOD bless you abundantly for your concern about Nigerians. and we do pray for that may GOD protect you and your family,

  • john ibidokun says

    It is very sad that it take this turn of event to support this government in it fight against terrorism. While I am not a support of this government especially the way it handle this issue. Sir with all due respect your voice on this matter comes too late.
    In fact one may say you are an opportunist now that the eyes of the world is on Nigeria everyone is trying to take the high moral ground.
    If you Sir and your colleagues from the north have take the bull by the horn Nigeria will not be where we are now.

  • I wonder if this is really from Atiku, if it is can you honestly say you know nothing of the Boko Haram insurgents? I think you are sir

  • ogbonna says

    How come all of a sudden some people started appearing good?

  • titi omar says

    9ja sai atiku u are the kind of leader we need

  • Muhammad Siraju says

    May Allah peace and blessing be upon u Mr. Atiku for this article. I will continue praying for u.

  • Thanks very much sir,

  • Mr. Abdin says

    Actually, this is a word of wisdom from a real democrat Atiku Abubakar and we hope that this menace called boko haram will come to am end.

  • Ekawu ukpo says

    I belive the social media is also bringing harm to these girls,as it’s noticed more attacks have been carried out my Boko haram since this went highly public,no one is looking at the final outcomes for this situation.
    It’s either a ransom is asked,in which the government will pay and the girls will be freed without anymore damage.
    It’s either brutal force is used in the confrontation of Boko haram when they are found and we take the risk of loosing some of the girls in the confrontation
    Last but not least it’s either Boko haram kills them all with themselves were confronted.we must expect the worse we are never getting them back.
    We must know as the social media is helping us.its helping the terrorist.whatever information is put out there,they have got it too.this wide scale movement,gives them more opportunity and makes them more agitated about the situation.
    I read your biography,remember your father was hesitant on what impact westernization will have on religion and traditions.i guess what an old man sees sitting down a child would never see on top a tree

  • frank nigel says

    I really applaud you sir,you have written well…you are one of the most mature opposition to GEJ,unlike some other persons in the APC which i would not want to mention their names right now,that goes about making jest of GEJ and the kidnap issue just to rubish his political ambition in the race for 2015..thank you sir

  • zirem says

    True talk Atiku,if only we can put aside all interest and come together to fight this terror that threatens our very existence,then the crack which gave room this menace will be closed. The power to fight this terror out of this country is in our hands, Nigerians.

  • Aliyu y Aliyu says

    Asslam may Allah bless u and give u more wisdon and we are ready for ur caall sir

  • i wish u al d best’hopin 2 see u as d president of nigeria.pls rembr us an carry us along…..

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