Nigeria must once again make education a priority

Nigeria must once again make education a priority

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The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has just released the results of the May/June 2014 senior school certificate examination.  As was the case last year, mass failure was recorded by Nigerian students.  Only 31.28 percent of the students who sat for the 2014 exam obtained credits in five subjects and above, including Mathematics and English Language.

No one who has been observing the ongoing attitude towards education in Nigeria will be surprised by this.  In the past year alone, industrial action by teachers have dominated the news headlines.  Primary school teachers in Benue State, for example, embarked on an eight-month strike to demand better conditions and allowances.  Teachers all over Nigeria remain poorly paid, with several jokes being peddled about how parents are reluctant to allow their daughters marry teachers.

In addition to poor welfare, teachers in the northeast of Nigeria face a peculiar challenge not common to their colleagues in other parts of the country: security.  The National Union of Teachers (NUT) reports that the organization has so far lost about 173 of their members to Boko Haram terrorist attacks.  Sadly, with the Nigerian government not yet able to adequately protect citizens from these random attacks, that number could easily increase.

There is also the issue of competence of Nigerian teachers.  Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State recently lost his seat in a re-election bid with poll results that sent shock waves across the nation owing to his well-publicised record of high performance.  One of the reasons political analysts have given for why the people of Ekiti rejected Fayemi is his attempt to improve the quality of teachers in the state by putting each of them through competency tests.  Any employer in Nigeria today knows how challenging it can be to hire staff from the current pool of Nigerian graduates, and trust them to perform excellently without first putting them through additional training.  Our country’s educational institutions are clearly not providing quality learning. Our teachers need to be taught.

This situation is a new development—of the past 10 years or so.  The steady decline of education in Nigeria is a reflection of our country’s relegation of education to the background of national essentialities.  That is where the change must begin.

Teachers are important—as important as senators and doctors.  Indeed, teachers determine the quality of senators and doctors.  And so, the entire country stands to suffer the effects of this neglect in future.

Nigeria must once again make education a priority.  We must return to the basics.

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17 Comments on "Nigeria must once again make education a priority"

  • What would happen when as a first class graduate, the university still could not retain me as a Lecturer in my department. How is employment and education in this country suffering a big deal? We need leaders who understand the chain and relationship ties in Employment and Education. God help this young generation of Nigeria.

  • sirOscie says

    Very insightful.
    It will be a good development especially now that technology is the other of the day.

  • igoh john says

    The inability to draw a line between politics and governance by our leaders results in mal-administration and failure in sensitive policy areas

  • Adaobi says

    Really proud of you more now cos this is beyond politics,keep it up Sir

  • bukola says

    How can the students pass? When some of the teachers can not teach. Anyone who sends his or her children to a public school, should not expect much from the children. The public school is so awful.,that I can’t phantom, how the students can learn. Some of the teachers struggle to read and write properly, then how can they impact knowledge on the students. Learning disabilities children have no hope because we don’t have facilities for them. The Nigeria education has become so pathetic, that the only solution is to go back to the foundation and start all over again. Let start by employing qualified and tested teachers, not only knowledgeable people but knowledgeable to impact their talents onto others.

  • Mabrook says

    Technology has gone far while Nigeria as Giant Of Africa is still behind.

    Education wash away illiteracy and make people to know what they are doing and who they are.

    We still need a stable government to bring all this because we are rich in many kind of resources.

    May God bring peace and unity in Nigeria and God bring good leaders that can make Nigeria to be among the best countries in this work..


  • Bello Sani Gimi says

    Ur right turaki

  • yes you are right. No any nation would developed without dedication to education, followed by Agriculture, Health, Security and Power. We (citizens) most come together to Select and Elect a Dedication a qualified Leaders that’s can re build our nation to greater height. Allah ya Temakemu amin.

  • Education is very low in a nigeria

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  • Today, creativity, innovation, good motivation, participation and education are the newest strategic attractive career directions for young people of today. However, my question is how young people are going to accomplish these goals? My answer is Yes! It means the young people can accomplish these goals by taking education as their priority and initial investment. Another question is how education is going to be a priority and initial investment by young people? My answer is Yes! Education is going to be an attractive mission by their focus, plan and to put government in the position of making education more easy to invest on, more conducive that would encourage young people and to create internship programs and incentives for encouragement and development of both economy and education in general. Moreover, with this information, i think we can do more and better for our young people… Education Big Investment For Young Generation!!!

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