Love is the gift of the season

Love is the gift of the season

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Year after year, we join our Christian brothers and sisters around the world to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus and the beginning of what was to be an exemplary life. But, this year, more than ever, Nigerians must pay keen attention to the message of love, peace and sacrifice, which Jesus preached during his time on earth.

Over the past months, a number of dark forces have combined to accentuate divisions in our country. In the areas of politics, religion and tribe, there seem to have been constant fractiousness and restiveness, with people of different groups exchanging threats or actual harm. That is why we need to remember the love that Jesus taught. We must love our neighbors as ourselves, do good to them and mean them well, whether or not they belong to our group. Nigeria cannot move forward as a country until each and every one of us realize that what is good for one should also be good for the other.

In the same vein, we must seek peace with all mankind, as Jesus taught. We must be our brothers’ keeper. We must realize that it is only in an atmosphere of peace that we can expect to lay the solid foundation for prosperity. Millions of our brothers and sisters in the northeast of Nigeria currently face starvation, disease and death in various refugee camps across the region. (Ditto for some others in Benue and Nasarawa and several other places afflicted with strife). A few years ago, these ones were settled in their own homes in their villages, farming and fending for themselves. The loss of their livelihoods and means of subsistence is the result of the peace that the entire region lost, that has led to devastation. We need look no further than these unfortunate ones to understand the high price to be paid for stoking the flames of violence, for whatever reason and under any guise. In the end, the price paid is always far too high.

Jesus also taught and exemplified sacrifice, living and giving his life for others. Each and every one of us in Nigeria should, especially at this time of the celebration of Christmas, consider giving of ourselves to others, especially to the less fortunate. Many orphans, victims of Boko Haram who have been made refugees in their own land, widows and others in various unfortunate circumstances, will go hungry and will have nothing to celebrate this Christmas season –unless you and I step in and reach out to them in love. The economy may be tough and we may claim not to have enough for ourselves as it is, but that is where Jesus’ message of sacrifice comes in. Whatever little we can spare, whatever inconvenience we can suffer, can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Have a Merry Christmas and may love, peace and sacrifice reign in our great country, Nigeria.

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  • Abdulsamad sadiq says

    Well said ,upon your busy schedule you still find time to wish all nigerians well. this clearly affirms your care to humanity. long live the turaki, long live the federal republic of Nigeria.

  • Izuchukwu Ileka says

    Good day Sir,

    Complements of the season, if only our leaders can love our nation and its people as they love themselves. We have a large human capital base but we are backward in development. I have to settle for a government job which does not fulfill my career. And even at that I have am severely sighted and find it difficult to get a job even though I am well read but … God bless Nigeria

  • In a journey to national betterment,plans and policies will be made,then amended.mistakes will occur and then be corrected,u are a grassroots politician.A leader who understands Nigeria.At Kogi we are solidly behind you.thants comr Audu Ibraheem CHAIRMAN Atiku cares foundation Kogi state chapter.

  • victor says

    Dear sir
    my name is Victor Omole.i I have being following your good works to humanity and country religiously.
    sir I am looking to establish a relationship with your political office in furtherance to promoting your good works and image to the world.
    I look foward to hearing from you soon

    yours sincerely
    Victor Omole

  • I hope my requst will accepted so thanks

  • Peter fidelix says

    My name is Peter fidelix I have read many news about u, I believe you Wil keep your good work in nigeria, I look forward to hear from you sir

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