The Story of My Life, now available online

In the last couple of months, many of you have asked me to share my life’s story, and I could not think of a better day to do this. A couple of years ago, one of my aides, Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba, did a great piece of work on my early life, and published it as a book titled “Atiku: The Story of Atiku Abubakar”. Apart from the scores of interviews he did with me, he also interviewed my friends, family, acquaintances, and sometimes the people he considered my adversaries. This is the book where many of the stories of my life are chronicled, all the way to my early years as Vice President of Nigeria.

This year, after many requests on social media, I decided to revisit many of those interviews with Ojo, and a brief summary of my life has been put together in a brief book titled “My Life”. As a tribute to this connected generation, this book will only be published online and electronically.

  1. For the Apple people, like most of my children, you can get the book here for free:
  2. I could not publish for free download on the Kindle store, so the Kindle version is available at about $2, for which all proceeds will be donated to charity. Please download the Kindle version here:
  3. You can also download a PDF version of the book here:

My staff were kind enough to convert Atiku: The Story of Atiku Abubakar book into similar electronic formats, which can be downloaded below:

  1. Apple iBooks:
  2. Kindle:
  3. PDF:

There still remains more stories in my later life that I intend to tell in a future book, but I do hope you enjoy this story of My Life.