I will never stop fighting for democracy. Here is why…

I will never stop fighting for democracy. Here is why…

On the night of April 19, 2007, I sat with the head of my media team in a long conversation over dinner. It was a light-hearted conversation about many things: family, religion, and history. We joked about a recent visit by a friend, and the recent pranks by his youngest child. Everything but politics.

This might sound strange because that was two nights before the 2007 Presidential Elections, and we were about to lose. It was my first, and only, run in a general election for president, and I knew it would be a heavy loss.

Two weeks prior to that evening, two state governors had visited my home to beg me to step aside. There had been rumours the results of the yet-to-be-held elections had already been tabulated and sent to INEC. In their thinking, they felt a need to warn me, for old times sake, not to go into an election in which the outcome may already have been concluded, and which may embarrass me to the point of destroying my political career.

I told them I had heard them and understood. The next morning, I told my team to ramp up activity on the campaign effort. We were still running.

Why did I continue in an election that I knew clearly I was about to lose?

Over the preceding four years – at great risk to my own political future – I had engaged in a long, tough battle to maintain the viability of our young democracy by preserving the presidential term limits prescribed by the constitution.

The issues that led to these battles were rooted in principle. The key element was, that after a productive first term as Vice President, I was faced with a fundamental question of loyalty: should I remain loyal to my boss and party, or should I remain loyal to our constitution and democracy?

The tough, correct choice – our constitution – was the path I chose. And in doing so, I shunned an offer that could have kept me in high office for a potentially long period of time. After struggling for decades along side many other brave patriots to enshrine democracy and wrestle power away from military rule, the choice to defend our democracy was non-negotiable.

At the time I believed the people of Nigeria would see this as a battle to save the soul of the country, and would judge me fairly. What I did not see coming was one of the best-executed smear campaigns aimed at tarnishing everything I had legitimately worked to achieve in our struggle for democracy.

The aggrieved power-mongers threw every contrived accusation they could at me, from the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), to the National Council of Privatisation (NCP) committee. And despite constant and total vindication at every turn by our courts, in the end battles are won and lost in the court of public opinion. And despite zero evidence or guilt, these opponents of democracy remain unyielding in their attempts to smear my hard-earned reputation.

It never mattered that I had a history of business success prior to entering politics. It never mattered that from the moment I bought my mother a home as a 14-year-old boy, I was running various businesses to provide for my family.

It never mattered that as a customs official, I maintained one of the best ever records of returns to government, and always beat my revenue targets. You do not do that by ‘taking’. Further, during the so-called “53 suitcases” saga during the 80s, it was my record of service that saved my job. In the face of intimidation by a ruthless military government, I did my job, without fear or favour. After leaving customs, I used my knowledge and drive to build a very successful string of business ventures.

It never mattered that my asset declaration forms filed prior to entering office showed my successful business record of creating jobs and opportunity in Nigeria.

What mattered was I was wealthy, and after the smear-campaign and various frivolous charges leveled at me by the aggrieved power-mongers, public opinion ruled against me.

But that’s politics. You need thick skin to survive. But, more importantly, in life, you must keep your soul intact. After decades of standing on principle and truth, I may be bloodied and calloused, but I am still upright and still willing to fight for our democracy and a better Nigeria – with all of my soul.

So there I was, orphaned from the political party I helped start, hounded by the very people I helped bring into government, hunted by the EFCC I helped establish with startup funding, after having been merely a shell agency when it was initially set up. Yet, in the end, the EFCC proved not one case against me.

Because in the end, all the charges brought against me had nothing to do with any actual crimes and everything to do with punishing me for standing on democratic principles. The entire smear-campaign was about preventing one man from contesting an election – something constitutionally permissible for a citizen of the Federal Republic.

At that point I knew if I did not run in that election, all those battles over the years would be lost. People in the future could potentially be banned from contesting elections because petty personal vendettas outweigh legitimate court rulings.

I also ran because, win or lose, I would have given a gift of legitimacy to our democracy, even if I was not going to enjoy the results.

So the next morning, I went out, voted, went home and waited for my loss as expected. I knew that while I was going to lose a battle, I had won the war – a war to preserve the sanctity of our democratic process.

Am I a perfect? No, far from it. After all, I emerged from the same imperfect system we all came from. But life has been kind. As a child I was an orphan, but Nigeria gave me an education and blessed me with opportunity to succeed.

I have been given a chance to give back, a chance to fight on the right side for the rule of law, for the entrenchment of democracy, and blunting impunity.

We are all products of our history. Mine was formed in the spring of 1995, when our dictator, General Sani Abacha, sentenced my mentor Shehu Musa Yar’Adua to death and former boss Olusegun Obasanjo to life in prison in sham trials.

And Abacha went so far as to send a hit squad to open fire on my family and me at our home in Kaduna. That was the very night I vowed that when we defeated this military junta, I would never allow another despot sit and rule over the people of Nigeria.

This gift of life and of dreams is why I stay in the fight for justice, in the hope it will eventually bring the kind of government Nigeria truly deserves. This is what democracy means to me – freedom, opportunity and dignity for all Nigerians.

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  • emma says

    Thanks for this blog sir. In fighting for democracy, can you let us know the plans you have for the youth of this country as in terms of creating jobs.

  • new benjamins says

    Wonderful insight…very enlightening,continue the good work and may the good lord guard and guide you sir.

  • The fight for democracy is a never-ending struggle. Only true democrats stand on that principle and idea. Though, Nigeria’s democracy is still characterized with many dictatorial tendencies by those in authorities, Atiku’s fearless commitments and contributions to the development of Nigeria’s democracy will always be commended. Turaki, viva!

  • olasupo says

    Good is not enough where best is an option Sir… Don’t relent on passed success

  • Alhaji Suleiman Isa Jere says

    May God provide us with Leaders that will continuous to build this our great Country & follow the rule of law Amen

  • Ibrahim Bido says

    Turaki God and the downtrodden masses of Nigeria are with you

  • Muhammad Muhseen ibrahim says

    The choice you make the struggle you face. The key to happiness is having Dreams, The key to success is making your dream come true. so Jemirawo Vallu

  • alh danjuma. wamba says

    Am fullyin ur suppot and always with u in all the democrecy course. Thnks sir

  • We support you

  • Ndubuisi Nnanna says

    Thanks for your insightful explanation Alhaji Atiku. One simple but critical question I want to ask you is this: why has the political class adamantly held on to the arbitrary 1999 constitution imposed on Nigeria by the military? Is it not clear to you that until the vestiges of those long years of tyranny are uprooted from the polity our country cannot experience true democracy, and any attempt to get round the oppresive structures of incumbent power will always be frustrated. Why would you not use your position to seek for an opportunity that will give Nigerians the platform to provide themselves with a people-oriented(democratic) constitution through a sovereign national conference?

    • Kufre says

      My brother,
      you just wasted time asking Atiku a question he would never be able to answer you. Why? He is simply in search of POWER FOR HIMSELF and not a true democracy. He feels he has paid enough dues to be compensated with the highest office in the land. Asking him to therefore support the call for a sovereign national conference where Nigerians, real and pain-bearing Nigerians, would come to talk about WHAT THEY ACTUALLY WANT is like asking this man to sit, fold his arms, and watch his dream take a walk away just like that. We know the people who mean well for this country and there people herein. They are those who want us to talk and be heard in the end. They are men who stand up for sovereign national conference. Atiku is no less a power monger than the men before him.

      • ola says

        Thanks so much Kufre,
        for your un-biased but constructive reply.
        however, I am shocked Alhaji allowed your comment to pull through, I was getting tired of all the ass-licking comment before yours.
        It might only mean one thing, that Alhaji is ready to “listen” to his critics something which the political class have been denied of as they are always surrounded by phony people who are not ready to tell them the truth.

        • Soma says

          Exactly Ola, you took the words from my mouth. I wonder how people would applaud this man and say they are behind him after reading this statement “Am I a perfect? No, far from it. After all, I emerged from the same imperfect system we all came from” . We know his antecedent well. If he wanted true democracy and to follow our constitution rather than obeying his fmr boss and party, he wouldn’t have been a part of the supposedly “imperfect system” that brought him in power in 1999 and manipulated things to retain him also in 2003. Now he feels he had given them the backings and deserves to be compensated but it’ not forthcoming. He’ jumping from one political party to the other causing confusion just to satisfy his selfish interest. Who does he want to deceive with this long empty piece. He wants to attract sympathy, right? Imagine!!!

  • We 100% support you.

  • Chiroma Musa says

    Turaki I agree with partly. But your assert that Abacha reign of terror resoluted you to guard future military regime. Sir, while you are in government two incidence happened neither you nor your boss talked about till this day. The brutal murder of Minster of Justice of the federation and Chief Harry Marshal. You will agree with me Sir, that your government and the military you ousted through tricks are the same coins

    • Gregory Ashi says

      One thing you should understand Chiroma Musa is that the president is the Commander in charge and his vice takes orders from him. The major reason why Atiku fell out with his Boss was because of his stance for True democracy which at that point was not practiced even up till date. He never relented in that struggle knowing fully well that it will adversely affect him but he stood for the Truth.
      He is a great leader, a dogged figther and a true democrat that cuts accross every region in this country. I am 100% for This great leader

  • Abdulhamid adamu says

    I also This is what democracy means to me – freedom, opportunity and dignity for all Nigerians. But why its majority concernt ??? Especially current leaders

  • Balla says

    it was then but what you and Obassanjo done to nigeria from 1999 to 2007 is government of few persons not for entire people of this country bcz only few among nigeria benefits frm this government. So whatever you are going to say people of nigria won’t accept it thus they has understood you only build ur family n friend not people of nigerian. I prefers late Genaral Abacha goverment than yours n Obas.

  • Lakan says

    That was a nice piece of history in a quest to defend what you fought for. Having said that you are also a product of the generation of politicians that benefited from the Nigerian State and brought it to a confused state that we find it now, perhaps you have realised you need to right some of your wrong doing before your time is up on earth. History will not forget all of us. God will be with you and the G7 Governors as you chart a new course for the state of Nigeria from the ruler of our land GEJ/Tukur

  • We know. I have being voting for u all the time. But my problem with u is after all these why should u visit that devil at Otta Farm? U must not relate him. You see they have started another campaign against u. Don’t ever think Obj can ever be against Jonathan. They are pretenders. Again u should have remained in ACN instead of going back to PDP.

  • Olisa. says

    Awesome piece of write up… D sands of time will always have the prints of d just and true patriots of our great Nigeria..

  • Emmanuel okere says

    Sir,If you must succeed, take a gaint steps and leave PDP…because your worst political rivals are there and wouldnt allow your face to be seen as a flagbearer. Thanks

  • murtala garba says

    Turaki 2015. Inshaallah.

  • Abdullahi Hassan says

    A person whom declare himself to fight injustice, He or She most suffer the pain of enemies, In and Out his domain.this is what means of democracy. Whenever a country was ruled by mischief of freedom, dictatorship, malicious prosecution,in respected of constitutions and rule of law by the country, insecurity and incompetent ruler, the entirely communities of that country are in great danger. So that is why we need you as a president of Nigeria, because you are a true democrat, a true leader and a symbol of liberty to Nigerian. Please OGA TURAKI ATIKU keep up, I remain in your side.

  • Babaly Samm says

    This write up,now give me a reason to like you so much,really incredible,i recomend to you my BOSS,Adamu Aliyu from Niger State,he is a great advocate of democracy and one of the best politician around,i pray God will see you through SAI TURAKI

  • Aliyu MB says

    May God be with you and your ambition on fighting for democracy in nigeria, you the type of leader nigeria need

  • Fabian Ahmed says

    I like you and i believe in your dreams but politician is not to be trusted and once they are given opportunity they will misused it and forget to hear the masses wailing. if you really mean well for Nigerian what have you done to fight corruption with your power and influence even terrorist issue. Do something realistic not some piece of article because we have been that lane b4. Just saying thou

  • Oriyomi says

    How i wished u did not leave ACN then, you will hav gotten a very massive votes from all Nigerian! anyway, sky is still ur limit sir.

  • Hadiyatullahi garba says

    No doubt democracy is d right path for sustaining and promoting life of d pip,most oftain vote was cast @ d so call poling station,but d pip choice is no longer declared and accepted in d final result, in nigeria democracy is a business transaction.

  • usikalu olatomiwa says

    Intresting story,I’m sure not many nigerian’s know all this. Yours ex-boss really messed u up in ur fight for our democracy,however if more nigerian’s re informed abt this I’m sure they will av a change of heart towards you like I did after reading this, but PDP is out of it for me and Nigeria’s youth. U should put more of the stories behind the scences out so that Nigerian’s can believe U. Wish u all the best and more grease to your elbow in making nigeria a better nation.

  • Kelechi says

    Nice piece. Too bad our country Nigeria is a place where one has to be ‘loyal’ to his boss even if the system is corrupt.

    • osyta says

      well said my brother..

  • Abdulkadir Abdulhamid says

    Glory be to God. Turaki is a man of integrity, patriotic, humble and respectful. Nigerian youth are solidly behind you.

    God shall continue to see you true……………………………………………

  • Mike says

    This article is lengthy, but i can see how dented Nigeria’s democracy has been since 1999.
    Well, i’ll admonish you to keep the fight for “true” democracy & never give-up that fight.

    I strongly feel we really need to re-strategize on the way of Governance/political structure of this country and i also feel political parties should begin to elect and pick candidates with a serial reputation of Credibility, Success, Accountability and that is also well read and experienced at politicking at the federal & international level to govern our Nation.
    I’m waiting for the time Nigerians will stop been mediocres by voting ignorantly and attributing it to self pity & mass appeal.
    This is our Nation Nigeria, if we don’t build it ourselves, then who will build it for us. We cannot keep hustling for foreign loans to meetup our basic need and amenities, naaaa!!

    In the interests of the nation and of the world, in the hope that a government will be elected that truly deserves the power and possess the spirit of leadership that will exceed our aspirations as a Country and Continent to lead the World.

  • Folu Mesele says

    What a great insight to the man Atiku Abubakar who has had his image truly bartered by the same unfair system that had always promoted impunity and seek to bring down men of honour like Atiku. As for us we will always not be persuaded by the court of public opinion that is not always correct but always beclouded by sentiments of various degree but we will always be guided by true positions coming from fair trials in our still not perfect court but for what they represent we still accept them as at least a bench mark. Our support should always be depended upon as we move on in the struggle for the soul of our country. We must all abhor impunity anywhere everywhere it seems to exist no matter how highly placed the actors are. The reason we exist as a country is because of the laws we uphold in our constitution that vested certain powers in certain offices and responsibilities on all the citizens, so the need to uphold the sanctity of laws is key to good governance. we can always be counted upon in this Atiku project

  • Tanko Shuaibu Lawatla says

    Ia m highly impressed sir

    • Murtala Omale says

      The problem with us is sycophancy. Atiku is part of PDP that have govern Nigeria for over 13years with trillions of Naira gone down the drain and nothing to show for it. He writes a simple blog and We are all praising him. How short is our memory? Atiku you and PDP have failed us. The sad thing now is that APC is no different from you guys.

    • pally says

      Sai Turaki! I know u r a very busy man, but u cud atleast spare few minutes to pick calls from ur well wishers.

  • Never give up my Boos, keep on fighting we Nigerian are seen how good you are, your the tape of leader we need in this country, may god help you in fighting for democracy and good governance in this Nigeria.

  • adebiyi oyenike says

    Beautiful piece…. we appreciate you Sir,long live the federal republic of Nigeria

  • Kk says

    Stop fighting Jonathan and stop your bokoharam friend from disturbing his administration.
    Power comes from Above not from the North!

    • babaganashettima says

      U mst be an incompetent fool 4 daring such a dignitry wit such an allegation

  • A SUGGESTION. says

    Honestly, this is a well written article but what are your plans? in my opinion I would say you should not run for president again, through your trials and tribulations you have always come out on top and for the case of winning the war I would say you should not run in 2015. in my opinion you should gather the troops, dismantle PDP, all other parties should come together and pick a running opponent to our president (cause it is obvious by his actions that he is not the one in control but has giving his right as a freeman to a OBJ) together we stand divided we fall. I would suggest the opposing part get a very good campaign manager and use this to employ the youths from east, west, North and south. campaign in every city, go to universities, nysc concerts, churches and present a sophisticated plan on how you (and the combinations of new parties you have formed)would CHANGE Nigeria, bring numbers on how you would create job and stop the growth of imported of employees into Nigeria, raise the minimum wage, give Nigerians a unique identity number( this would be made easier by the current process of registering a sim). I think what Nigerians need now is change, forget religions we are one, NIGERIA. the white men did a terrible job of dividing us but I say we can thrive together. the question is ATIKU are you the man to lead us into change, you musn’t be president but pick a good candidate for the opposing party, BABATUNDE FASHOLA is a name that comes to mind, and im sure we have several other candidates. A suggestion from and Igbo man….Together We Stan Divided We Fall….TWSDWF. YOU CAN CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL FOR Suggestions FOR REE, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW I AM HELPING SOMEONE who really wants change as I am tired of seeing my brothers suffer.

  • Zainab says

    And for that same democracy u are fighting for,I think it wil be unfair to stop anybdy from contesting too.Let the person contest & loose,just as it happend with u.

  • Olakunle says

    If only all dis were 2 b true

  • Olusola ogunmilua says

    Great article, Irrespective of the negative opinions of some of you, i wish to state here that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar remains a true fighter for democracy, and this nation will always remember his giant strides. He should be commended. I salute you sir.

  • Name (required) says

    Politicians are very good with write ups painting themselves as saint,You can also hear that spoilt child Fani Kayode saying all sorts.Atiku is only crying now that he has being pushed aside,Let your generation go and rest and let the power shift to younger people.You guys has seen Nigeria as a country that you can just keep looting.You have money already,now you need God and not power so start searching for God and let power rest for now.

  • ifeanyi says

    Nice write up sir but I have one question for you sir. my teacher while I was in primary school in the 80s told me that I am the leader of tomorrow, but I’m kinda confused when I see the same faces that vied for positions in the 80s still contesting for offices today. Is it that my teacher lied or that tomorrow is yet to come sir?

  • naku stephen says

    You are a good man

  • adamsbulama says

    Allah wu akbar, I’m so impressed reading this sir. U are a mentor, I have been learning from u since the day u got the vice president office. I’m happy to see people like u inspire us here in our lovley country, nigeria. GOD bless nigeria.

  • Peter pan says

    story story story…….you all are just birds of the same feather hiding under a fickle constitution. all this you just wrote are just stories. nigerians are suffering, no light no food, no roads, pathetic educational system, corruption on an alarming level, and the list goes on. and at the same time you have billions in your account for you and your family and still advocating to chop more. so all this stories youre explaining to us on your so called blog is just BULLSHIT. leave politics and let younger people LEAD (and not RULE) nigeria. you are your so called boss and all the thieves around you people should go and sit down in one place. nonesense , and i know your admistrator wount post this because youre still playing you so called politics. but just read it and let your conscience judge you.

  • ejike says

    Don’t ever give up on your dream.

  • FJD says

    I will say thank you for the clarification sir,nice write up. But, the question is this sir, I know with the office of the Vice-President you might not be opportuned to do alot but , I still believed when you were there you should have done something somehow to appease the citizens of Nigeria somehow even if the President is going to be annoyed .The point is that you should have passed a good message some how to the Public that will touch lives of the poor masses sir. Secondly, personally I like you political strategy I will not lie and I like your intelligence . Give a reason why we should trust you sir because, if General Ibrahim Babangida contest today ,I will still vote for him. I still trust him on some issues that will benefit the masses even if he would not do well but, somehow the masses will still enjoy something for example , look at 3rd mainland bridge is it not the same so called bridge that Politicians are struggling to maintain after a military leader built it? Who’s going to challenge him if he didn’t ? You know what I mean sir . As far as it’s a PDP affair which I know you are one of the founding fathers , a lot of people have lost hope. Some how if the agreement between the PDP members is rotation and the President is interested in contesting can’t we see it as anyone can stand to contest? I know and Understand that there’s an agreement sir. Another thing is this, I am not looking for Favor from anyone “MY GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL MY NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN CHRIST JESUS ” I have to be blunt somehow, can’t the so called “fight” as we ear from the press between you and baba end somehow just for the sake of peace? Let’s just do this thing right because, this world we come , we shall leave everything without taking anything may God give us Long life and prosperity. But, for the sake of peace please , what can be done between yourself and baba because, President Jonathan knows that he cannot be president again if he leaves power . Can’t he be pardoned and allowed. “PLEASE NOTE Y’ALL READERS THAT THIS IS JUST A PERSONAL OPINION ” Pastor Leke Jeremiah – Akinwusi

  • Muyi says

    Nice piece Turaki. These bunch of local despot must vacant the presidency. Never in the history of this country has office of the president of this nation been drag to mud like this.
    All we have now is a lazy, slow and dumb head as a president. We need a detrabalized president who is ready to work and make life better for our people.
    We need a president that will engage bright minds across the nation and not who will draw us back with the terms “is my brother and friend” they were errant boys when PDP was founded but came in to destabilized the party with talks about Niger Delta click.
    Now I am not against any tribe been president I am saying we need someone who is intelligent and smart enough to know that country is meant to be run with competency and not tribalism.


    UP!UP!UP!! Turakin Adamawa may your dreams come true and may Allah assist you in this struggle.Ammmeeeeeennnnn.

  • Yewande Atanda says

    Turaki Adamawa, I am really impressed. I have always admired your courage, especially how you fought against OBJ’s 3rd term. I feel your pains; politics is a dirty fight in Nigeria. We can only pray that things will get better.

    Personally, I think you lost out at the very point where you allowed OBJ to get a second term. We all expected you to get the presidency at that point because you had the support of the PDP governors. If I still remember correctly, you were the one running the government while OBJ was making oversea trips.

    Your second mistake was leaving the ACN. You should have waited to nurture the party to greatness.

    WAY OUT: I will advise that you team up with the progressives. PDM should be able to merge with APC. However, there are still a lot of grassroot works to be done. I will advise that you please sacrifice your presidential ambition for Nigeria’s development. Let’s have a young, brilliant politician who will meet the yearnings of the common man. I know the trio of you, Buhari and Tinubu will field a reliable candidate.

    Yewande, Washington DC

  • Ambassador says

    If you are really serious about this defence for democracy do this. 1. Declare all your assets, secert ones inclusive. 2. Give away 90% to the Nigeria govt and keep 10% for yourself. 3. Tell us what you want and we will support you.

  • Oludayo says

    This touching! Am ready to work with you to get all ur dreams for Nigeria a reality. God bless u sir!

  • Aham ugorji says

    Freedom i like that sir but i think all of you guys are same.besides during your first four years as vice president can you enlighting us what you did? Because we believe you were incharge then or what you and your chairman the president did for naija?

  • Chiejina says

    Atiku, can you stop fooling yourself? Because obviously you are not fooling us… You and I know you want to be president so you can continue where you left off in your looting desire… Funny how all the commenters here are speaking good of you and encouraging you to continue meaning the idiot you paid to do this job is not posting spiteful comments about you.( That goes to show a long way how you intend to preside over this country).. Tell me one major stride you archived when you were the vice president… If you love Nigerians like you say you do, go and bow your head in shame because you are one of the bad things that has happened to this country.. I don’t care if you post my comment or not but I know one thing, the airhead behind this site read this and will digest it and may not tell you because you are paying him to tell you only what you want to hear… I’m ashamed of you and your likes…what baffles me is that you travel and you see the way other countries are govern my level headed people… God will judge you…

  • MOJAY says

    how short a memory we all have as Nigerians! How him and Obj plundered our commonwealth and sold all our public institutions to themselves and their cronies and today he’s crying foul because he has been pushed away from the centre. Atiku is a core politician that always paint the picture of their sainthood . Atiku just believes he has given too much to Nigeria and deserves to be compensated with the office of the president of Nigeria but one thing for sure is that he can never be president of Nigeria even in the world to come. My advice to him is that he should forget about running for president again and retreat into his Adamawa mansion and continue to feed on the stolen commonwealth of Nigerians with his immediate family and friends who benefitted from the spoil of their regime. And the worse is that he keeps jumping from one party to another From PDP to AC to PDP again and now PDM (which he still denies anyways) that goes a long way to show his level of desperation to be President. One fact he should agree with is that “Power belongs to God ” if not, somebody like Jonathan will not become president today, if u compare his level of political sagaciousness with Atiku’s. “POWER BELONGS TO GOD”

  • Temitayo says

    Waoh! this piece is great and fantastic. i have been hearing all sorts about his personality. but to me, Alhaji Atiku has contributed immensely to the development of our country in term of job creations. apart from Federal Govt and Dangote, i think he’s next .

    continue fighting by putting smile on the oppressed and food for the hungry.


    Sir,you are a modern pillar of Nigerian democracy,your effort in the restoration of basic democratic liberty to Nigerian populace is of paramount importance towards achieving a just an egalitarian nation where optimum rule of law is enshrined.Sir, your immense zeal for oneness NIGERIA is greatly beneficial devoid of region or tribe.Your political sagacity is unprecedented among the so called modern politicians in the country who undertake a system of politics with impunity,rancor,ethnicity,and crass lawlessness.Sir,we the teaming youth are behind you in the fight against devastation of the legitimate democratic values.KEEP IT UP,Sir.

  • Jimiolu says

    This is fair perspective to us all, but beyond the past we look to future were you would assist us in the struggle for a better Nigeria. Nigeria begs for sincere leaders who really have the nation at heart. We beg, plead and even cry to Allah for a Nation where the masses can truly be regarded as human and we all could have the opportunity to aspire and become as you are or better. A nation where the railways works, PHCN works, EDUCATION is there for all, the integrity of policies (let policies live for a 1000 years before its thrown away); a nation that has emotions – not just asking Nigerians to pay N35,000.00 for new registration plates we know would soon be abandoned just for a few to be rich.

    The nation is decaying, millions live below poverty lines with meagre salary of N50,000 some N30,000.00; The business environment is handled by foreigners who care less of the Nigerians, many rich Nigerian with several houses and assets across yet unwilling to house the less privileged but are the frist to condemn Fashola for his actions. Governors who will refuse to use public fund to acquire private jets, spend countless amount of monies for maintenance and feeding of the pilots just to fulfil their own ego. We beg those with conscience to save a Nation that is still on the brink of total failure. Till date, the government of today has not spoken about the deaths of Nigerians (children) by stray bullets of police, cannot solve educational problems. Imagine Sir, in the US, there is the technology that uses printers to make real life guns, computer hardware’s’ using 3d concept. These are real life accessories, we in Nigeria, we are so behind using library books of 1979!!!!

    I dare say, 1999-2007 seems to have been better. In Nigeria, we witnessed the first boom, Banks employed youths, NNPC employed, Telecoms came, we almost made a breakthrough with IPP with Tinubu’s action. Even the music industry improved, access to basic luxury was possible. (Sir, if you have time please visit Ajegunle, and some rural areas – they use ACs now. There seems to be movement in the healthcare sector. We witnessed what could have been? If I was asked to vote for a third term of your administration to what we have today…..I will gladly do so. What we want is a government that really cares and sincere, if we find this, I assure you Sir, we will vote for such a man and may even over look the constitution for him to stay in power. However we understand, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Alvin Opara says

      You are wrong to even compare OBJ’s 8yrs to GEJ’s 3yrs. You said NNPC employed, was it a different kind of employment or the normal ones they do yearly? I worked with NGC, a subsidiary of NNPC, and I can tell you that NNPC employed more between 2007-2011 than they did in OBJ’s years. You talked about the telecom sector, yes! Private investors came and gave job, but what happened to govt telecom company Nitel? Went comatose. I give OBJ credit for the banking sector, his efforts can’t be disputed. But GEJ have also done well in the rail sector, agricultural sector, avaition and the power sector that has doubled in generation. You’ll say power supply is still the same, but I tell you the generation need to get to at least 15000mw for significant and noticeable improvement of power supply.
      I see the unnecessary criticism of GEJ as tribal and politically motivated, because I can’t explain why citizens will be criticizing their leader even when he was less than a year in office. Is he a magician? Entertainment industry, most especially the music industry improved during OBJ’s tenure, but it has gone far better than what is was. The musicians are richer, and are earning far more than what they were earning then, and a lot of new entrant into the industry. From the little achievements GEJ has achieved in 3yrs with all the crisis and attempts to make the country ungovernable for him, imagine where the country is peaceful no bombing and dirty politics, sure he’ll do more.
      I’m not from south south, neither do I have a personal connection with GEJ, but I need to be sincere to myself, fear God and obey my conscience. I can’t join the crowd when I know the crowd isn’t right. We must learn how to have a mind of our own, scrutinize every information from the press critically with a sincere heart and obey the biddings of our heart, not just to join the crowd and make noise.

  • fatima says

    You are selfish as every nigerian is so go to hell when we sleep empty stomach you guys tak d credict i pray u guys rot in hell

  • st.phons says

    you were an orphan as child , yet you bought a house for your mum as a fourteen years old. you got me a bit confused there sir and would appreciate it if you clarify. I still love and wish you well sir, hoping you’d get to lead this country someday cause i have many reasons to believe you’d do more for the youth of these Nation. God bless Nigeria.

  • Alfred says

    I will say it openly here on your blog , i don’t think you want to fight for democracy in this country . As a matter of fact , you were a VP for 8 good years, what impact or motive do u have in giving out your best to serve the people of Nigeria . You did nothing . And here comes 2015 election close by and you think with this stories you wrote here you can win our mind to vote you . NO , i don’t think you deserve to be there again because you once had the chance but you did not to help even the youths of this great Nation . All you and your bo$$ was after is to look into your own pocket and make other cry . If you bought a house for your mother @ the age of 14 and growing up as an Orphanage you should know what people out there needs . Well , as for this country . Until the evil ones are brought to justice , i don’t think there is a way forward for this Nation

  • Well said sir…
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  • King of da youths.. says

    Atiku u can only fool some blind stupid fellows in Nigeria but not me.After looting in the customs and embezzling billions of tax payers money in various racketeering and shady deals in government as the number 2 man in Nigeria.

    Now u have turned blogger out of frutration right ? U are a thief and nemesis of failure in poitics and other aspects of ur life until u pay back in restitution all u and Obasanjo stole from the masses.

    Evil blood sucking,corrupt leaders like u is the reason the youths are scattared all over the world commiting all sorts of crime just to make ends meet and u are here deceiving the rest in the name of fighting for democracy.

    If I may ask,are u fighting for democracy or ur already fat bank accounts ? Greedy bloated thief..

    Blogger turaki adamawa my ass !

  • Jibril says

    Nice blog, but i am very skeptical and weary of Nigerian politicians. I tend to take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile at what age were you orphaned ?

  • Kyla says

    Continue the good works and we are solidly behind you to make sure democracy stays

  • Ayoola Stephen Efunkoya says

    Revealing! However, every story – including this one – has three sides: Atiku’s side, his opponent’s side, and the middle story (story in between).

    And so though I find this insightful and ponder on all it reveals about Nigeria, its people and their rulers, I’ll be looking out for the two other sides to the story.

  • Remilekun Amole says

    Sir,the truth hasn’t yet been said,until you tell Nigerians what they don’t know that you know. Let the cat out on the death of Bola Ige and Harry Marshal You should have resigned with dignity under the Obasanjo’s administration if truly the said man was corrupt.

  • Anti-BULSHIT says

    Bla bla bla!!! I have better things to read rather than reading this piece of shit! Pls stop Sounding as if you are better than Obasanjo and d rest of them. I beg go sit down ,You all are thieves…

  • inyang says

    I must ask u to increase the salary of the person who wrote this piece for you sir. If it was not for the fact that I am a Nigerian based in Nigeria I would have fallen for that pack of lies. First and foremost, there is an adage that goes ” show me ur friends and I will tell u who u are”. A man of good conscience and moral uprightness does not collude or have as friends, political or not, people of the type that can be found either in PDP or CAN for that matter. I believe they are one and the same ten and ten pence piece of a trashy political party. You do not impress or fool me Sir and I pray most Nigerians will be able to see beyond that gibberish piece of write up and see u for the trickster that u are. Bought ur mother a house at 15. Indeed Sir. And what business brought forth such largesse. I personally would like to know. Pls spare us the rhetorics and leave room for the younger and honest blood in our beloved country Nigeria who are out there praying for the chance to lead this country out of the mess u and ur likes have led it. Please find a place and sit and give chance.

  • Eromwon Adibuah says

    Wonderful piece

  • Ifiok Akpan says

    Good to be informed of your political struggles all this while. it is unfortunate that things have turned this way politically with you.The problem that i see compounds your failure politically is that of non loyalty to leadership and the quick drive in you to be a leader. If you are able to overcome these temptations the sky would be your limit owing to the limitless wealth of experience you would have built for yourself. Sit back a ponder over this. the moment you start to fight your boss the chances remains you will not get there. Leadership is God’s gift to whom He desires to give. No matter your struggle for it, if it is not divinely ordained you cannot smell it . You will always watch it slip by you irrespective of how close you are. Don’t fight authority. Sit and contribute your quota to build a strong polity and democracy so that when the time is ripe people will say Mr Atiku this is your turn. If I may ask, in this dispensation “what is the sin of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that you are fighting along with other Governors?” My candid advice is, go back to the drawing board and reassess your strategies. go back to your party PDP and pledge your loyal by making peace and defending the peace. Talk to the aggrieved Governors and chart the course of peace to see that PDP becomes a family again. If you do this, you will be respected by Nigerians again. Work for the interest of democracy and the Nigerian’s interest and not self seeking, ethnic and parochial interest. You can’t have it this way. The Nigerian society is enlightened this days. By so doing wait for your turn. And the God that sees your clean heart will reward you abundantly. God bless you. sir.


    I really miss you as President. However lets thank God you are alive to share your experience with Nigerians young and old. Not all will appreciate you .Yet not all will hate your guts. As long as you continue to live continue with you thik you are doing wrightly. If you are not paid here and now posterity will remember you one day. We all cannot be President. It is on record you are helping Nigerians even without being a president.

  • MOT says

    I don’t really know much about Alhaji Atiku,but from what I have heard from my father who worked under him in Nigerian Customs,he is a humble man with a golden heart.All the Best Alhaji!!!

  • Osy says

    This is a good and comprehensive piece from an intelligent Former Vice president, keep it up sir.

  • balogun christiana says

    Thumbs up sir.carry on………

  • tokz says

    Atiku, I think it will be better and meaningful, if you give up your presidential ambition and set the pace for good democracy as you always said, let young and vibrant nigerian go for it, support it politically and finacially, then I will believe your cause for true democracy in nigeria. The nigerian people will support you and your name will be written in Gold hall of fame, but if you still have the nurture and ambition to rule nigeria state then the populance will disgrace you. Live and let other live. #Justsaying

  • Great piece in writing … But in reality u just implied that you are a saint and then wrote that you are not, like that makes it all ok. Sir it does not make it ok!! You guys keep ruling by words and writings but your actions … your actions leave a lot to be desired.

    • NOAH says

      Truly Atitku is great, Truly he has Nigeria at heart, Truly democracy he fought for we are yet to see, feel and enjoy it dividend , Truly this is not a kind of democracy he fought for, Truly, Atiku has to come back and give us the dividend of democracy .

  • Malcolm says

    I managed to read the first few lines of this…self-righteous article and i must ask this pertinent question; for how long do you intend to fight for democracy? I think you old folks have done your part. Its time to step aside for the younger generation to take up gauntlet from where you all left off…or didnt.

  • Seun says

    Alhaji Atiku. One thing I like about you is your investment in education. Though neither me or my son can afford to pay in your school. Anyway lets cut all the story I would have loved to tell you short and let me ask you a straight question. Why are you so interested in power despite all your business success?

  • Manny says

    U’v finished shattering PDP,here u’ve come to brainwash d youth.Oga,youths r leaders of tomorrow,give dem a chance and go home and spend ur days wit ur family.Master skimmer!

  • loretha says

    Sir u have said it all, the problem we have in this country is that we have a high rate of sentiment when it comes to an election, the Hausa Fulani sees nothing good in a Yoruba man who is contesting as well as d Igbo. This sentiment is deep rooted that we don’t see anything good in our pple. What I knw in life is dat no matter d party one is a good man is a good man, bcos all political parties in this country are one and the same. What will the youth be expecting from u sir?

  • gentle o. says

    I love you sir. You are the only man that can stand out of the crowed. You can’t be pushed by any God father on this alone I give you good credit. you are a true leader.

  • As we all knows that you are at one time v.p of nigeria,so are there any vital roles that you played when you are at the post of v.p ? so can you summarise the roles that you played ?

  • OLAYISADE says

    I admire your courage and tenacity Sir. You’ve given us an insightful and enlightening write-up, may God bless your future endeavours, but permit me to say Sir, Your generation has failed us. PDP, after years of errant leadership and trillions of funds down individual pockets has docked the Nation at an abysmal island. You’ve taken a redemptive step by your staged distinctive move and this insightful Blog, (even though such a trojan move can be dubbed questionable in some quarters)but do more by upholding what you’ve said democracy means to you; “FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY, AND DIGNITY FOR (not just the few elites) ALL NIGERIANS. Once again, thank you Sir.

  • Perry says

    Pls spare us this political gospel we all know better.

  • michael says

    Its easy to enter and warp the mind that is not prepared.Democracy,a flawed concept misused by your previous administration the most.a government of the people my a*s.I mean no disrespect to ur insights.I can’t really believe u,even if ur words were remotely truly..sir I suggest u take a drive in 10 states in this country,no guards,no1 will harm,disguise urself,take a trip.ten states and take a look at d people u claimed to have served.my advice sir,use ur influence to make sure development comes to Nigeria,don’t rule,.please!! I beg u,use ur power to develop this country beyond its potential,that is true Leadership.I am a Nigerian and I want my children to love and respect this country I want change not for me but for my children yet to be born

  • Abdulazeez Bankole says

    I have always respected you Sir, since PF (Peoples Front) days. You have been a true lover of democracy in this country. That was why our late mentor – General Shehu Musa Yar’adua trusted you the more. I want to assure and let you know Sir, that no matter what those killers of democracy who sees nothing good in you talk about you, will never come to fruition.
    Your honesty and loyal to our constitution without towing the part of those who are in politics to milk the country dry, will enable your aims and aspirations to be achievable. By the way Sir, I would be happy if the NEW PDP that you floated (with BARAJE as the Chairman) will stand firm and not allow Bamanga Tukur and his PEOPLES DESTROYERS PARTY (PDP) to cajoled your members to be fused into the former PDP. They have done more havoc already, so we need you to put things aright. Your truthfulness will always vindicate you Sir. Keep the good work and the dream of our mentor – Tafida Gen. Shehu Musa Yar’adua shining. Regards.

  • Ebriku John Friday says

    Thought provoking, incisive and indepth historical perspective of your political journey Sir…I strongly believe in your passion for the emancipation of Nigerians from the grip of some visionless cable in government and challenged by your determination to champion the course of defending our democracy. Yet Sir, I humbly suggest that you take some right steps backward in a kind of retreat, and build from ground to the top. What I mean is that you can serve from the state again. Passion for service does not know any bound. You can establish this government of your dream from the state-front and then launch back to the central…My God help you to do this for Nigerians. God bless you Sir

  • rebecca says

    all this na story upon story.ASUN WAHALA generated from your time.

  • NOAH says

    Truly Atitku is great, Truly he has Nigeria at heart, Truly democracy he fought for we are yet to see, feel and enjoy it dividend , Truly this is not a kind of democracy he fought for, Truly, Atiku has to come back and give us the dividend of democracy .

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